Popradský Bylinno-ovocné čaje

Popradský - Monobylinné čaje

Mistral - Herbal Balance

Designrelaunch of fruity and herbal teas. Brand Mistral. Klient: Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad.

Popradská káva

Packagingdesign for premium coffee of the brand Popradská káva. Client: Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad.

Mistral - Detský čaj

Design, illustration and poetry for childrens tea of the premium brand MISTRAL. Client: Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad.


Design and illustration for salty biscuits. Client: ALTAR family bakery.
Design and logo development for healthy, sweet biscuits. Client: ALTAR family bakery.

Mare Kaffee

Logo relaunch, design and illustration for the young german coffee-startup MARE Kaffee from Hamburg. Client: Rode & Graetz GbR

Mistral - Magic Time

Packaging and logo development.
Client: Baliarne obchodu Poprad

Mistral Tea - Fruity Tea

Design of the 6er fruit tea collection of the premium brand "Mistral" is now motley and fruity. Beautiful pictures and colors are asking to give it a shot.

Mistral Tea - Healty & Fruity Tea

Hand-drawn plants and animals were embedded into packaging of new healthy fruit teas in a most affectionate way. Not only do customers enjoy delicious teas, but also experience and learn lots of facts related to rarely known kinds of fruits. You may turn faces as you were flipping thru the pages of a scientific book.

Mistral Tea - HerbalTea

Shiny, light, and appealing: Characters of the two classic herbal teas. Colored illustrations assure a smile and best mood while drinking.

Finest Tea Collection Mistral

6 different teas 6 different tastes.

Popradský detský čaj

Nice illustrated tea for children. Client: Baliarne obchodu Poprad


Brand-, logo-, and bottle design "True Fruits". Passion in lieu of industry, quality as opposed to additives. And above all: "True Fruits - no tricks"