For ZEBRA FASHION AG we did the new Shopware-Frontend which was designed by the agency Resign from switzerland.

Handelskönig GmbH

New painting for Handelskönig GmbH

Christkind Clothing

Based on UNI we did some individual stuff for Christkind Clothing


Together with our partner Communiacs we relaunched Gentlewear on Shopware 5. https://gentlewear.de


Shop Relaunch (auf Basis von unserem ENOKI Templates) für den führenden Anbieter einer neuen und revolutionären Art der Fortbewegung. http://angelboard.com


Relaunch des grössten schweizer Online-Shop für Haar- und Beautyprodukte. http://perfecthair.ch


BARBOZA works as a supplier of premium gym and fitness apparel. ✓.
Both athletes and coaches trust in BARBOZA☆ We also created a unique shop in co-operation with BARBOZA.barbozasport.com


On behalf of tablet-partner.de, we performed several customizations based on our GREST template. Among 460 submissions at the Shop Usability Award 2014, weve made it to reach a TOP-5 ranking within the scope of B2B software.


balthazbar.de is an online shop for Gourmet Craft Beer.
You can get craft beer from bavaria and selected so called "Sommelierbiere". You can obtain genuine Bavarian Craft Beer as well as selected Sommelier beers. Based on IKURA, we implemented several customizations. balthazbar.de


TAB10 is an ENOOA project now!
As a certified Shopware business partner, we develop solid, responsive Shopware templates as well as tailored solutions. tab10.de
Our customers may currently choose between three templates created by us: GREST, IKURA, and UNI.