Mare Kaffee

Logo relaunch, design and illustration for the young german coffee-startup MARE Kaffee from Hamburg. Client: Rode & Graetz GbR

Mistral fine Espresso

Mistral ovocné, kvetové čaje

Mistral Tea - Fruity Tea

Design of the 6er fruit tea collection of the premium brand "Mistral" is now motley and fruity. Beautiful pictures and colors are asking to give it a shot.

Mistral funcional tea

Finest Tea Collection Mistral

6 different teas 6 different tastes.

Mistral - Detský čaj

Design, illustration and poetry for childrens tea of the premium brand MISTRAL. Client: Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad.

Popradské liečivé čaje

Popradský Wellness čaje


Design and illustration for salty biscuits. Client: ALTAR family bakery.
Design and logo development for healthy, sweet biscuits. Client: ALTAR family bakery.

Taška pre e-shop popradské.sk


Brand-, logo-, and bottle design "True Fruits". Passion in lieu of industry, quality as opposed to additives. And above all: "True Fruits - no tricks"